A Fabulous Day of Fashion at Lakewood Ranch Library

A Fabulous Day of Fashion at Lakewood Ranch Library

Date: May 25,2024
Location: Lakewood Ranch Library
Event: Little Designers Art Class

Last Saturday, Lakewood Ranch Library was buzzing with creativity and excitement as it hosted our Models Club art class for little girls. The theme of the day? Fashion illustration! Aspiring young designers gathered to learn how to bring their fashion dreams to life on paper.

The Setup

The library’s community room was transformed into a mini art studio. Tables were lined with sketch papers, colored pencils, markers, and a rainbow stickers. Our YouTube channel ilovemeld-shop art videos  were share out for reference of the theory of colors.

Learning the Basics

The session kicked off with a brief introduction to fashion illustration by our head designer Mel D., a local fashion designer with a passion for teaching. Ms. Duran explained the essentials of fashion drawing and details to designs. The girls were mesmerized as she demonstrated drawing a model step-by-step on a large board.

Creativity Unleashed

Armed with new knowledge, the girls eagerly began sketching their own fashion designs. It was heartwarming to see each young designer’s personality shine through their work. From summer dresses to winter streetwear, the creativity in the room was palpable. Ms. Duran and parent volunteers walked around, offering tips and encouragement.

Adding Color and Flair

After the initial sketches were complete, it was time to add color and texture. The girls experimented with different color palettes of cold and warm colors. The room buzzed with excitement as they compared designs and shared ideas.

The Final Showcase

The class concluded with a mini fashion show of illustrations. Each girl presented her design to the group, explaining her inspiration and the choices she made in her illustration. It was a proud moment for all as the room filled with applause and cheers.

A Day to Remember

The Little Designers Art Class was a huge success, leaving the young artists inspired and eager for more creative adventures. We are grateful that Lakewood Ranch Library hosted such a wonderful event and looks forward to more opportunities to nurture the artistic talents of our community’s children and Models Club.

Stay tuned for more exciting events from The Models Club, where creativity and learning go hand in hand! Special thanks to Bridget L. for the photos❤️

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