Garment Care Guide

Garment Care Guide

Our clothing is machine washable. Use the gentlest setting on your washing machine. To minimize agitation, turn the item inside out, place it in a mesh bag, and run a short, delicate cycle. Use cold water to prevent shrinking and bleeding, along with a mild detergent.

Always skip the dryer. Too much heat harms an item's accents and fibers. Instead, gently push out excess water (don't twist), and then lay the garment flat on a white towel to dry (to prevent discoloring). Alternatively, let the item air-dry on top of a working dryer: The moderate heat given off by the machine speeds up the process. 


  • Machine wash cold gentle (inside out)
  • Low/Cool Iron (Do not iron on leather or sequins)
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not dry clean
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