Little Designer Winners!

Little Designer Winners!

Congrats to all our finalists and winners of Little Charm Designers! Our winners:

People Choice Winner is Andrea!!!

Little Charm Designers:

10th Place Kimberly

9th Place Jeishka

8th Place Rocío

7th Place Emma

6th Place Alondra

5th Place Perla

4th Place Jenny

3th Place Alaniz

2nd Place Mia

1st Place STELLA🎉😍🙌💕❤️
We can’t wait to see Stella’s Design on our upcoming charm collection😊❤️ People Choice will receive unique jewelry pieces from our Holiday Collection and all our finalists will receive a special piece of jewelry selected with love for them ❤️❤️ #jewelrylover #jewelrydesigner #jewelry #fashion



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